Through laser or sand blasting etching techniques, we offer endless possibilities to apply your own designs......
Choose from a design in our database, personalize our designs, or we can help you create your own!

All of our products can now be found online in our ETSY store! We are currently launching new lines of products as well as listing many of our current items available. Check it out HERE!

Coffee mugs, mason jar glasses, wine glasses, growlers, pints and more. Select from our ready to ship inventory or design your own glassware!

 In the Kitchen...
Cookware items, mugs, pitchers, and carving boards. Make your cooking experience personal!

As small as 4"x 4" and as large as 20"x24"

Family Celebration Boards
Select your own design and colors. We provide 40 matching discs for your special celebrations.

Military & Public Servants
We love to show our appreciation for our troops and uniformed officers for all the amazing things they do and sacrifice. Let us know how we can help you show your loved one your support!

Let's not forget our furry friends! Treat jars, ID tags and more! 

Keepsakes & Memorabilia
We offer a variety of keepsakes and memorabilia items to help you cherish a loved one. Items include gravesite/memorial markers, urns, lighted keepsake blocks, mirrors, glasses, and more. Let us know how we can honor, celebrate and remember your loved ones.

We have something for every holiday! From Mother and Father's days to Christmas decorations, we always have something fun in our store to celebrate!

Auto Decals, Vinyl Decals & Signage
Windows, vehicles, and anything you need a sticker for! We can create any size decal you need.

Special Occassions & Awards
Retirements, awards, births, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. If you want to celebrate or remember your special day, we can create something to go with it!

Misc Items 
We offer a variety of items in our store and online. Most can be personalized with your own designs, names, dates, etc.

Licensed Michigan State University Items
We are an official Michigan State University craft licensee! We carry many MSU items in stock or can put the official logo on just about anything. 

Custom Projects 
Anything you can imagine can be done! We can help you personalize your own designs and gifts. Check out the 'Our Process' page to learn about the different methods we offer.

We used our laser to etch 'Pure Michigan' into fresh apples for a display at the Michigan Football Game