Giving back and helping our community is a big part of what we enjoy doing the most! In fact, we have been honored to help many causes already. Some of those causes include American Legion, VFW, Panda Paw Rescue, Purple Heart Strong, Bikers for Books, American Cancer Society, and Help for our Disabled Troops just to name a few.

For Local Fundraising:
Our most effective way of fundraising locally would be our Pre-Order Fundraising option. With this method, the product is created and purchased at our fundraising prices before the event in nearly any quantity needed.

Orders are then etched, cleaned, and prepared for pick-up or can be delivered. Some exclusions may apply depending on product availability and the location of the event/drop off.

For National Fundraising:
The best way we have helped raise money on a national level is by creating custom products for groups to sell online using our Online Fundraising option. We use our ETSY shop as a way to collect orders, take payments, and we also handle of the shipping for all orders.

With this option, we only keep what is needed to cover materials, shipping expenses, any applicable taxes, and our cost for making the product. Everything else is donated to your cause!


To start fundraising with us or if you want to know more, send us a message! We have an endless amount of possibilities to help you raise money for your cause and are looking forward to working with you to do that!

We teamed up with Panda Paws Rescue to help raise over $1,500 nationally!!